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8 Amazing Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is a highly beneficial upgrade that homeowners across the nation love. According to Mordor Intelligence, the kitchen cabinet market is likely to hit $160 billion by 2025. Cabinets are among the most important kitchen features, and refinishing them can improve your home’s overall look and style and provide many more benefits that you might not expect. Let’s take a deep dive into this upgrade to examine the diverse ways that high-quality refinished cabinets can benefit you!

1. More Cost Efficient Than Replacement

When you see your cabinets wearing down over time, you might be tempted to get them replaced. We understand that: our culture is disposable in some ways, focusing on simply replacing broken or damaged items. However, replacing your cabinets is simply not as cost effective as refinishing them. In fact, in our experience, refinishing may cost up to 50% less than replacing all your cabinets. With the money you save by refinishing your cabinets, you can redirect your remaining budget toward other home upgrades like painting your walls.

2. Incredibly Fast Turnaround

Have you been holding off on replacing your kitchen cabinets because you don’t feel like having workers in your home for a long stretch of time? That’s understandable: who wants to deal with construction projects that disrupt your life that much? The good news about cabinet refinishing is that it’s much faster than replacement

Nobody wants to be either out of their home or living with loud and annoying construction for weeks on end. When you choose cabinet refinishing instead of replacement, you’ll be able to go back to your normal daily life in no time! You’ll quickly be able to enjoy beautiful results that will last for years to come.

3. Immediate Style Improvement

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so it deserves to look as attractive as possible. In fact, the kitchen is often considered the heart of a home because it’s where you’ll probably spend the most time eating and interacting with your family. Why let old and broken cabinets affect your home’s quality when you can refinish them instead?

A simple refinishing project can immediately improve your home’s style and make your kitchen more attractive. It’s a subtle change that will immediately make guests take notice of your kitchen in a positive way! Expect to hear your neighbors and friends say things like, “What did you do to make the kitchen look so amazing?” and “Tell me your secret to making your home so lovely!”

4. Diverse Style Options

Are you looking for a home improvement that provides various customization options? Refinishing is a surprisingly diverse upgrade that includes multiple styles and looks. For example, you can pick multiple finishes, hardware styles, and even doors that can pair well with your kitchen. This will provide the fascinating look and feel that you want and deserve for your home.

Furthermore, you should have more than enough options to upgrade your kitchen in any other ways that interest you. For example, if you like modern styles that stand out from more traditional designs, refinishing professionals have you covered! If you prefer a more classic, timeless look, cabinet refinishers can help you achieve that, too!

5. Eco-Friendly

Do you worry about the environment and want to do what you can to minimize the waste your household produces? That’s a noble and commendable goal! Thankfully, refinishing is far more eco-friendly than replacing your cabinets for obvious reasons. Rather than throwing away your cabinet materials, you’re keeping them in use by adding a new finish.

In fact, multiple refinishing projects may extend your cabinets’ lifespan far beyond their initial usage and add years to their lives. Many people put off replacement in this way for many years, which saves them money and protects the environment. When it eventually comes time to replace your cabinets, you can rest easy knowing you did what you could to help avoid waste.

6. Far Less Destructive Than Replacement

While replacing your kitchen cabinets will naturally improve your home’s style, it’s a very disruptive process. Remodeling contractors will tear up much of your kitchen to replace your cabinets and may take away significant portions of your kitchen’s interior as a result. If you want a less intrusive process that still offers stunning results, try cabinet refinishing instead!

Contractors will leave your cabinets as they are and won’t have to remove them at all! Instead, they’ll simply work on improving the surface to make it more attractive. In this way, your cabinets will look more aesthetically pleasing almost immediately and last longer as well.

7. Adds Value to Your Property

Are you looking to sell your home soon and want a cost-efficient project that will enhance its value? Consider refinishing your cabinets! This process immediately improves the look of your kitchen, boosts its functionality, and costs less than many other home improvements. You could potentially earn back all of the money you spent on this process or even more, depending on the buyers.

Why is cabinet refinishing such a popular option for sellers who want to boost a house’s value? Well, remember what we said about the kitchen being the heart of the home? Many homeowners want a kitchen that is as grand and beautiful as possible. By improving your cabinets, you immediately enhance your style and make your home more attractive to buyers.

Just as importantly, refinishing is something that you can do quickly, even within the last few months before you put your home up for sale. Taking this extra step will help your home stand out compared to others on the market. Furthermore, it will give you a little extra edge by allowing you to point it out to buyers as a value-boosting upgrade: in this way, you can increase your home’s overall price and potentially bring home an even bigger check!

8. Makes Cooking More Enjoyable

Do you love cooking but find yourself feeling down every time you go into your home’s kitchen? There might be a good reason for your feelings od demotivation: your cabinets could be old and unattractive. Remember that our moods are often affected by subtle things that we might not even realize. By upgrading your cabinets, you can create a pleasant environment that’s sure to make the time you spend cooking much more enjoyable.

This change of scenery can not only help improve your mental health but may also make your diet better. Why? Rather than going out to eat because you can’t stand your kitchen, you’ll be more inclined to make healthier home-cooked meals instead. This is an unexpected benefit that could transform your life for the better.

Investing in cabinet refinishing can help transform your home’s kitchen and provide many unique advantages that you can’t get from other renovations. That alone makes it worth your time, especially if you’re looking to improve your home and make it more attractive. If you’re ready to transform your cabinets, Peacock Services Home Improvement is the team you can trust for excellent service and stunning results. Contact us today to learn more about our cabinet refinishing services and request a free quote. We look forward to helping you achieve the kitchen of your dreams!

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