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Protective Coating Specialist In Bradenton, FL

Need to refresh your home’s exterior? Get in touch with Peacock Services Home Improvement, the expert protective coating specialist in Bradenton, FL.

Protective Coating Specialist in Bradenton, FL

A home’s exterior can look old and outdated when the paint fades, chips, or peels. Peacock Services Home Improvement can protect and beautify your home with the help of a protective coating specialist in Bradenton. All painters receive extensive training to ensure a professional protective coating application.

Refresh your home with fresh paint and color ideas using a professional interior painting service.

Protect Your Beautiful Home For Years With Protective Coatings In Bradenton, FL

As a Bradenton homeowner, you should keep your home’s exterior in good shape so that it makes a positive impression. Unlike paint, protective coatings use newer, modern technology to completely transform your home’s exterior. Protective coatings contain commercial-grade materials to protect surfaces and provide a durable finish. 

Quality protective coatings can withstand sunlight, bad weather, and other outdoor conditions. The experts at Peacock Services Home Improvement understand the process of applying protective coatings. Our painters usually apply three coats to the exterior using elastomeric-acrylic and 100% acrylic copolymer materials.

These special protective coatings are 14 to 17 times thicker than paint and work best on exterior surfaces. The Peacock Services Home Improvement team knows that painting your home is a big investment, so all work comes with a two-year workmanship warranty. Trust the professionals to revitalize your home’s exterior with top-quality Bradenton protective coatings.

Refresh Your Home’s Exterior With Protective Coatings In Bradenton, FL 

The exterior of your home requires regular upkeep and maintenance with a fresh coat of paint. Professional painters can apply protective coatings in Bradenton, FL, to your home’s exterior and siding. Protective coatings resist water, dry quickly, and are available in many different color options.

The exterior painting process starts with pressure washing the home to remove dirt, debris, and grime. The painters may discover some small flaws, such as rotting wood or water stains. The team can perform carpentry work to repair the siding, fill holes, and replace caulking.

A primer will ensure the protective coating sticks to the exterior and offers mold and mildew resistance. Painting your home’s exterior is an easy way to enhance its appearance and increase property value. You can depend on the skilled painters at Peacock Services Home Improvement to make your home’s exterior shine.

Learn how new colors and paint can make your house look like a new home again with a residential house painting service. 

The Go-to Protective Coating Specialist in Bradenton, FL

Peacock Services Home Improvement provides full-service painting services and exterior protective coating specialist in Bradenton, FL. We have many years of experience and have built a stellar reputation in Lakewood Ranch, Parrish, FL, and the surrounding areas. The company provides free estimates with an in-home pre-job walkthrough and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all painting projects.

Our protective coating specialist in Bradenton, FL are always here to help you. If you’ve been searching for a full-service painting company in Florida, look no further. Our highly skilled and experienced team is here to help revamp your space and bring a new and refreshing feel to the home. 

Contact Peacock Services Home Improvement in Bradenton, FL, today to make an appointment to renew your home’s exterior with protective coatings. Call us at 941-231-0227. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about how our protective coating specialist in Bradenton, FL can assist you in making your vision a reality! Questions? Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the amazing services we provide across Florida. Get started with Peacock Services Home Improvement today!

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